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SSI & Guardianship For Adults With Dementia

– Evernym

  • Explainer
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 22 November 2020

Evernym share a demo for how self-sovereign identity (SSI) could be a potential solution for identity management in cases where the owner can sometimes take full oversight of their identity, and when they would sometimes need support

The example provided considers adults with dementia, who Evernym suggest could take advantage of “digital guardianship” through SSI, just like children, refugees or those without identity could.

“Self-sovereign identity can be designed for adults with dementia and fluctuating mental capacity using the concept of digital guardianship, as laid out by Evernym,, and the Sovrin Guardianship Task Force.”

Evernym follow the fictional example of Jamie, a man with dementia who finds himself in the hospital unable to relay information to healthcare professionals. But thanks to the SSI solution, his wife and legal guardian are able to find him and provide power of attorney as well as make care decisions.

Solution: Trust framework defines the rules, credentials give permissions, monitoring catch problems, [challenge is if one is authorized,] planning proactive answers

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