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Spotlight on Digital Identity During Cybersecurity Month 2020 – Checklist for Organizations

– Ubisecure

How organizations can ensure they are providing a high level of cyber security for their customers

This article contains recommendations for specific steps companies can take to protect their customers. These include moving away from passwords, and instead integrating identity providers to authenticate users.

“80% of data breaches are caused by stolen, weak or default passwords – which is a very real possibility given that only 35% of people use different passwords for all of their accounts.”

The author also recommends the use of two factor authentication to enhance security, and warns that organizations should not try to build identity management systems in-house, but use those developed by identity companies.

A key message of the campaigns over the years has been ‘cybersecurity is a shared responsibility’, reflecting the role we all have to play as customers, citizens, employees and service providers in upholding cybersecurity standards

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