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South Korea’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing Puts LGBTQ Community Under Surveillance, Critics Say

– Public Radio International

South Korea’s contact tracing app reveals location history, causing concern for its LGBTQ population

Earlier this month authorities disclosed that a man who later tested positive for COVID-19 had visited several bars in a LGBTQ-friendly neighborhood of Seoul. Identifying the venues to the public effectively outed him, spurring fears that the country’s contact tracing ignores privacy and will encourage homophobia.

“Now, the release of personal information that officials use to combat the pandemic is exposing a vulnerable population that would largely prefer to remain unseen.”

Homophobia rose following this outbreak, and there are fears that LGBTQ people’s lack of trust in their privacy will mean they will refuse to get tested.

The way the government is conducting contact tracing is a concern for everyone. There needs to be a better balance between human rights and privacy in relation to fighting the disease - Lee Jong-gul, director of the gay rights group Chingusai

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