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Social Identity Network: What Is It?

– FySelf

  • Explainer
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 13 November 2020

How a social identity network combines elements of a traditional social network and a digital identity ecosystem

By highlighting the differences between its service and a traditional social network or a formal identity document, FySelf explains how it can be a trusted identity source.

“A traditional social network is focused on users: they upload content whose veracity is not validated. A social identity network is data-centred, and it’s verification provides credibility to the user.”

Its solution for users who want control of their data and a secure place to store it are also provided, along with any data that the user or accessing institutions might find relevant to be stored, from name and age, to academic results or clothing size.

A social identity network is an online tool to build the identity of each person basing on other users’ participation. The reliability of the available data is based on statistical information processed with artificial intelligence. It obtains each piece of information from the interactions, which normally occur on social network

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