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Sibos 2021: Digital Identity for an Interoperable and Accessible Future

– FinExtra

  • Viewpoint
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 29 October 2021

Discussions with digital leaders from Sibos 2021 on digital identity

This article follows Brad Carr’s discussion with several commentators from Sibos 2021. Chief Fintech officer, Sopnendu Mohanty, highlights Singapore's highly trusted and interoperable digital infrastructure - with financial services at the forefront of digital identity adoption. She states:

“Singapore’s view on digital identity is that it is almost conditional, because the future economy is going to run on digital rails.”

Carr explores Banco Santander's global head of identity and digital trust - Rod Boothby's - focus on digital identity and financial services, particularly how it can reduce fraud. Dakota Gruener, executive director of ID2020, believes that digital identity has the ability to transform lives, especially those in underserved areas. She explains:

We also work on programs which ensure that we’re testing the viability of these technologies in low income, low connectivity environments to ensure that we’re closing rather than exacerbating the digital divide

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