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Should We Ban Facial Recognition?

– Biometrics Institute

  • Report
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 5 March 2021

Exploring the implications of law enforcement's use of facial recognition

The Biometrics Institute investigate the various perspectives regarding the use of facial recognition technology by the police and federal agencies, and the impact this has on privacy, transparency, and data protection. The report also seeks to establish a robust framework within which facial recognition technology can be safely and securely used.

"This paper aims to demystify some of the confusion regarding facial recognition technology and its different uses as well as to represent the views of some of our stakeholders on the subject of whether a ban or moratorium is what we need, right now."

The report concludes with viewpoints that both support and oppose a ban on the technology in various circumstances, encouraging dialogue on how to regulate it in the industry, guide users, and protect privacy and data. It also refers to the institute's Three Laws of Biometrics - policy first, then process, then technology - as a guiding principle in reaching a collaborative resolution.

Like with any other technology, biometrics present risks – and those risks need to be carefully managed. There must be recognition that the current state of the technology is one of many security layers – just one indicator of authentication or identification. This technology can have limitations, depending on the use case and use environment

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