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Setting up Digital ID Regime Could Provide Boost to Post-Pandemic Recovery


How implementing digital identity can boost Canada’s economy

This article states that digital ID could potentially add $4.5 billion to Canada’s economy, from vastly improving the efficiency of small and medium businesses. The pandemic, which forcibly moved many services and businesses online, also highlighted the dire need for a robust digital identity infrastructure.

“Not adopting digital ID in a meaningful way or not getting it right means more privacy and security breaches, loss of revenue for Canadian businesses and inefficiencies in government service delivery. There’s never been a better time to invest in digital ID. Our economic recovery depends on it.”

The article argues that while many people will be skeptical, the purpose of implementing digital identity is not surveillance, but translating physical identity documents such as passports and health cards into the electronic space. It also notes that the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework will be crucial in ensuring citizens have confidence in any ID system.

This made-for-Canada framework enables the development of an adaptable infrastructure that will make the Canadian digital ID ecosystem more resilient to future crises

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