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Self Sovereign Identity: The Future of Identity

– Inter-American Development Bank

An outline of the technology behind self-sovereign identity (SSI) and its potential benefits in identity management

The report gives an in-depth explanation of how SSI operates and could be integrated into daily life. It highlights the differences between the decentralized nature of SSI and other common centralized forms of ID, and illustrates its benefits, including interoperability and user-control.

“It has the potential to solve the problems of current systems of identification and authentication and give individuals full control of their digital persona.”

The report also outlines the opportunities SSI presents for social and economic inclusion, and the steps that can be taken by governments to adopt the technology.

We are still in the early days of implementing self-sovereign identity globally, but the current developments have been promising and exciting. As we have discussed throughout this paper, it is necessary to work on three different areas moving forward: regulation, technology, and trust frameworks

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