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Self-Sovereign Identity Explained

– Coindesk

An overview of how self-sovereign identity (SSI) could shape the internet for the better

SSI would mean people own their data, by having a digital passport that is universally accepted and controlled by them, not under the thumb of a third party. People could share their data selectively, when and with whom they wanted, and could even sell it.

“‘You’d use your ID to log in to anything that you need to access – in a utopian world – from banking to websites. It doesn’t matter. It’s one ID,’ says Alanna Gombert, CEO of the Digital Asset Trade Association.”

The author outlines the purported benefits of SSI for the internet, such as that having a verified identity attached to social media posts could eradicate fake news, and people could easily pay peer-to-peer for a service from someone trustworthy such as a babysitter. It could change the internet into a space for localised, empowering discussions, and enable online voting.

The internet will not just be a place where you ideate and talk about things, but it will be a place where you build and you shape reality

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