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The Security Behind the NHS Contact Tracing App

– National Cyber Security Centre

A look at the NHS’s centralized contact tracing app, and how it will balance privacy with public health

The author explains that while there are currently lots of debates around whether centralized apps are able to properly protect people’s information, precautions have been made during the design of the NHS app to ensure privacy.

“The NHSX team have put a huge amount of science, effort and testing into the app, but a contact tracing app by itself isn’t useful. It has to be part of a wider public health response strategy.”

The NHS app doesn't collect location data or personal information - anything that could be used to identify someone. In this way, privacy is preserved while the app is expected to be more successful than a decentralized system at accurately contact tracing.

An app that provides fantastic provable privacy but doesn’t help stop the spread of the disease isn’t a useful tool

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