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Secure Identities Boost Inclusivity in Digital Economy

– UN Conference on Trade and Development

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  • 9 December 2019

This piece summarizes expert opinions given on digital identity and digital rights related to government programmes and e-commerce during a session held at UNCTAD eCommerce Week

UNCTAD hosted experts from government, academia, non-profits and business to share their thoughts. 

Under its Sustainable Development Goals, The United Nations maintains a target (16.9) to obtain a “legal identity” by 2030 for all people. Experts from Estonia and Benin shared real-world examples from their experience. Representatives from academia and non-profits like Access Now discussed the limitations of current plans, as well as ambitions for rights-based approaches moving forward.

As UNCTAD noted:

As identity plays a critical role in the digital economy, countries have a duty of care to protect human rights when implementing programmes that create digital identities

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