Photo: Ken Banks / Yoti

Say Hello to Yoti’s new Social Impact Strategy

– Yoti

In this blog post Ken Banks, Head of Social Impact at Yoti, a London-based technology company on a mission to become the world’s trusted identity platform, introduces the organization’s new Social Impact Strategy and key activities related to it

According to Ken, the new strategy sets out to...

further the positive social impact of digital identity solutions globally and to ensure digital identity becomes a force for good - not just everywhere, but for everyone.

Ken Banks, Yoti

This blog post outlines Yoti’s commitment to focus on end-user understanding, motivations, incentives and concerns, as well as on developing applicable tools for the needs of the 1.1 billion people worldwide without access to formal identification.

We’re launching a new Social Impact Strategy designed to help us better understand digital (and broader 21st century) identity perceptions, motivations, challenges, opportunities and concerns among grassroots communities and migrants around the world – with a particular focus on emerging markets.

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