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SA’s Digital Identity AI Firm iiDENTIFii Partners with Microsoft

– Tech Financials

In this article for Tech Financials, Gugu Lourie reports on South African company iiDENTIFii’s platform expansion onto the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Lourie relays the factors in iiDENTIFii’s partnership with Microsoft Azure, including the scalability and global reach of the Software as a Service, which supports iiDENTIFii’s own global growth.

“The exponential rate at which iiDENTIFii is growing has allowed for their platform to be deployed across a multi-hosted global infrastructure within a matter of months. This locally based, innovative, artificial intelligence company which is focused on the augmentation of online and offline identity has expanded its global infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.”

Lourie notes iiDENTIFii’s mission to provide a secure, accessible digital identity platform and its hopes to stop identity fraud.

By reducing identity fraud, iiDENTIFii is committed toward ensuring that cyber-crime is brought to a minimum both locally and globally

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