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The Role of Digital Identity in COVID-19

– One World Identity

A look at how companies can ensure they are digitally secure while employees work from home due to the global pandemic

The article notes that the huge increase in remote working means companies are more susceptible to data breaches, as people are using their own devices and internet connections.

This rapid shift has illuminated shortcomings in corporate digital identity infrastructures and processes that need to be addressed for the global economy to operate effectively.

The author states that multi-factor authentication and secure internet connections are vital. Ultimately,  processes that are established during COVID-19 will be beneficial in the long run as they will ensure companies are as secure as possible.

It’s become clear that leaders shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to build more robust digital identity infrastructures. The globalization of our economy, compounded by vulnerabilities exposed by the growing Coronavirus illustrates the importance of creating and implementing more robust digital identity infrastructures

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