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Report Launch: Digital ID and Management Information Systems for Humanitarian and Social Protection

– Caribou Digital

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • Via Emrys Schoemaker (Caribou Digital)
  • 17 August 2020

Dr Emrys Schoemaker introduces a new research report produced by DAI and Caribou Digital on the use of information and identification systems in humanitarian and social protection programs

Focusing on case studies from Fragile and Conflict-Affected States (FCAS) Yemen and South Sudan, Schoemaker and his fellow researchers survey systems and technologies through which humanitarian social assistance and support are delivered.

“Our recent research on this topic explores the feasibility of humanitarian and aid Management Information Systems (MIS) being designed to link with social protection systems and to support a transition, in the long-term, to state social assistance.”

Schoemaker shares some of the findings from the report, including consolidation of larger social protection systems, poor understanding of identification system consequences, and lack of data protection. He also provides recommendations for humanitarian practitioners to improve interoperability and data handling.

There is potential value in leveraging shared data for increased coordination amongst social protection and humanitarian actors, with many believing this reduces duplication of efforts, introduces cost savings and increases effectiveness due to greater insights into coverage and effectiveness

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