Reimagining Digital Identity for Post-COVID-19 Government Services

– Microsoft

A review of the work Microsoft has undertaken recently with governments all over the globe to improve their technical capabilities

Esko explains the various citizen services Microsoft has offered, having worked with government customers on multi-level citizen identity services.

“Governments are the citizen identity authority in the physical world. As indicated by the European Commission, it is time for governments to assume a similar responsibility in the digital world, explicitly to improve the online/digital lives of their citizens. Progressing into this sort of identity model—such as creating a digital identity that citizens can take with them as they move from country to country and “own” their identity just like they hold their passport may be a secondary consideration for governments now.”

Ekso notes Microsoft’s tools like the Azure Active Directory provide foundations for managing digital identities, hosting interactions between citizens and digital services, securing credentials, handling citizen profiles, or providing administrative tools.

Microsoft Consulting Services has already been working with many governments in the creation of authenticated, verifiable, secure, and trusted digital identity for its citizens, residents, and businesses. We see a theme, whereby governments are pursuing new digital strategies for their digital services, which requires new models and digital platforms for citizen authentication

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