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Quebec to Collect Data on Race, Economic Status of COVID-19 Patients, Director of Public Health Says

– CTV News Montreal

Canadian province of Quebec to collect data from COVID-19 patients, including race and economic status

In this report for CTV news, Basem Boshra details comments from Quebec's national director of public health on the necessity of gathering this new information from COVID-19 patients.

“Groups such as the Montreal-based Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR), have said data that includes factors such as the race and economic status of COVID-19 patients is essential to understand the spread of the virus, particularly in poorer and more ethnically diverse boroughs such as Montreal North, which has become the hardest-hit in the city in recent weeks”

Boshra also quotes civil society groups that welcome the change in data collection.

Toronto began collecting race-based data in April, and [CRARR executive director, Fo Niemi] noted that the collection of such data also already takes place in the United States and United Kingdom. Ontario's chief medical officer Dr. David Williams said Wednesday his province will soon start collecting race-based and socio-economic data too

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