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Q&A: The Pioneers of Web Cryptography on the Future of Authentication

– IEEE Spectrum

A discussion with leaders in the digital identity space about the past and future of cryptography

In this interview, Taher Elgamal, Martin Hellman, and Tom “TJ” Jermoluk talk about how identity has changed over time, and discuss the flaws that those at the internet’s beginnings could not have seen coming - as Elgamal states:

“Today, passwords are the number one reason for all the breaches and exploits we suffer from.”

They also discuss how smartphones and computers contain a private key - enabling user authentication in a way that would have previously been thought impossible, with Jermoluk predicting that self-sovereign identity (SSI) is what authentication will look like in 10 years time:

You should be able to be in complete control of your own identity and how you present it, instead of letting Facebook be in charge of your identity and knowing who your friends are and what apps you visit, what things you buy. Why should they be charged for that or make money off it?

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