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Protecting Your Identity: How To Keep Control Of Your Digital Twin

– Forbes

In this viewpoint for Forbes, Rene Hendrikse highlights the growing importance of securing individuals’ digital identities as the world moves to more online transactions in an age of social distancing

Hendrikse explains that the more our world is online, the more individuals should be concerned about not only what they are sharing online, but who is controlling seemingly “secure” information like usernames, passwords, biometric information, digital payment information, and more.

"We tend to display these personal characteristics on our sleeves–especially digitally. Ironically, what makes us unique is both our strength and our weakness. It’s what every hacker is looking for to exploit us, whether it’s to pull on our heart strings in online dating scams, or to trick our banks by stealing our details, in order to access our hard-earned savings."

Hendrikse reviews the current options for security and control: government or state ownership; business ownership through tech companies like Google or Facebook; financial companies like Mastercard or Visa or connectivity companies; and personal ownership through self-sovereign identity based in decentralized ledgers like blockchain. He argues that whatever solution is adopted long-term should have full support of everyday people who need the security.

It’s clear that taking good care of one’s digital identity is a fine balance between trust and control. Security is also a personal thing, and what is right for one may not suit another. One thing is for certain: identity is the essence of the human being, so guardianship should be hard-earned

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