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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 19 June 2020

This collection of podcasts from the Privacy International team focuses on a variety of timely data and privacy issues across the world

Ranging in topic from anti-abortion data exploitation, and protest surveillance to COVID-19 tracking, and tracing apps, the Privacy International team regularly explores hot topics in the privacy space. For example, one episode beckons:

"You’re a witness or a victim or a suspect of a crime; or even just travelling going on holiday. Officials demand your phone, then disappear with it. What happened to your phone? What happened to your data? What will happen to you?”

The podcast reviews defacto identity through data trails and surveillance, and touches on issued identity in places like Kenya. For instance:

From double registration to exclusion and discrimination - this week we talk to Yusuf Bashir, Executive Director of Haki na Sheria, and Keren Weitzberg, an academic from UCL, about the trouble with Identity in Kenya

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