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Principles On Identification For Sustainable Development: Toward the Digital Age

– World Bank

Principles for ensuring that digital ID systems are trusted, inclusive, accountable, used to enhance lives, and achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The World Bank and other endorsing organizations have laid out principles regarding inclusion, design and governance to ensure that, as the digital identity landscape develops and grows, it serves all individuals with equity and fair legality.

"Addressing this 'identification gap' - by improving the coverage, quality, and governance of identification systems that protect rights and facilitate access to services - is... critical to the development agenda."

The report touches on how systems must be universally accessible, free from discrimination, and with access barriers removed. They must be designed to be trusted, responsive, financially stable, and protective of privacy with open standards. The governance of systems must also put the people it is built to serve first with clear protection, accountability, and legal frameworks.

When designed and used appropriately, identification systems have the potential to help countries accelerate inclusive development

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