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Principles for Good ID in Africa

– Smile Identity

Mark Straub of Smile Identity and Khosla Impact drafts a set of value propositions for making digital ID “good” in Africa

In this Medium post, Mark Straub suggests six value propositions for delivering Good ID systems: accessibility, reliability, defensibility, extensibility, revocability, and choice.

Although his list was developed with emerging markets in mind, Straub points out that many of these principles are universal.

Straub discusses each value proposition in turn, explaining their inclusion and providing real world examples.

The post was written in response to a Good ID gathering in Boston where academics, identity industry practitioners and former U.S. policy makers discussed, “What is Good ID?". You can find out more about the workshop and what was discussed here.

Straub's post is one in a series of upcoming pieces that will examine specific ID systems in African markets. You can follow Mark on Medium and Twitter to stay up-to-date.

While having an ID is something that the vast majority of people practically require to conduct their daily lives, requiring people to register for a particular government ID robs citizens of the freewill to reject a system that is not working for them

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