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Poor Password Habits Leave Young at Highest Risk of Identity Theft

– Think Digital Partners

Repeated passwords and credential sharing is putting millennials at risk of cybercrime

Around a quarter of people aged 24-38 use the same password for every account - much more than older people. Many of them also share log in details such as Netflix passwords with friends, increasing their vulnerability.

"According to the research, 62 percent of Gen-Z and millennials share credentials with friends and family, increasing the attack surface by exchanging them in emails and messages."

The article outlines the views of those who believe passwords are outdated and risky, and that biometrics such as facial or voice recognition is the future of verification.

‘Biometrics is the only way to stop this practice because it’s much harder for someone else to log-in using your face, you’d actually have to be there with them,’ said Philip Black, commercial director at Nomidio

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