Image: Mary Cruse / Unfold Stories

Police Use of Clearview AI's Facial Recognition Tech Spiked After Capitol Raid

– Gizmodo

Clearview AI’s facial-recognition app has seen a surge in use as police search for insurgents who breached the U.S. Capitol

The search for pro-Trump insurgents who recently stormed the U.S. Capitol building has led increased numbers of law enforcement to use facial recognition technology provided by Clearview AI.

Roughly 2,400 polices agencies nationwide have contracts to use Clearview’s facial recognition software, according to the company, and several of them have reportedly been turning to it to assist federal investigators.

With a wealth of visual evidence from the events on Wednesday 6 January, CEO Hoan Ton-That has confirmed that the Clearview AI app saw a significant increase in search volume following the attack on the Capitol.

Of course, even when arguably used for good in cases like this, that doesn’t make Clearview’s tech any less of a privacy nightmare

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