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Plans for Governing Body to Make Digital Identities as Trusted Passports


UK Government to create safe and secure digital identity in new proposal

This press release outlines the UK government's plan to create a new system for digital IDs. The IDs proposed are to feature recognizable trademarks that will ensure trust to the same degree as official government documentation, such as driving licences.

"This technology is a vital building block for the economy of the future, and we’re ensuring that people who choose to use it can have confidence their data will be handled safely."

The advantages of these IDs, compared to traditional forms of identity documents, are outlined in this article. These include instantaneous identity verification, a reduction in fraudulent use and replication, and increased data privacy - while digital ID companies will have to adhere to government-set standards to ensure these benefits are met.

For example, someone buying age-restricted goods would be able to prove they are over 18 without needing to disclose their date of birth, name or address

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