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PI Joins Civil Society in Concerns Over Mexico’s World Bank Funded Digital ID Scheme

– Privacy International

  • Viewpoint
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 8 October 2021

Privacy International joins 25 other organizations in signing an open letter against Mexico’s draft law around a biometric ID scheme

The civil society coalition claims that the implementation of a Unique Digital Identity Card [CUID] in Mexico is a danger to citizens’ human rights, and particularly threatens groups who are already vulnerable. Privacy International argues that since identity schemes that are linked with biometrics are twinned with a person for life, this can leave them open to abuse.

“Digital ID systems risk being a surveillance tool, used to track movements and activities, and linking all of a person's activities back to a single number. This is particularly acute in Mexico, given the ongoing targeting of communities at risk including journalists, human rights defenders, and environmental activists.”

PI also states that digital ID schemes are never inclusive of 100% of the population, and when participation in public life is conditional on possessing an ID, this necessarily excludes people from services such as healthcare and education, furthering inequalities. It is calling for enrolment in the scheme to be optional, and for biometrics to be taken out of the design.

It is imperative that the Mexican Senate considers the serious risks and dangers that this proposed system brings. It must consider what safeguards need to be [implemented] to mitigate these risks, and these must inform the design and deployment of the new ID system to ensure people and their rights are protected

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