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Philippines Pilots Pre-registration for Biometric National ID Program as Private Digital ID Systems Grow

– Biometric Update

Chris Burt reports on a variety of digital identity projects taking place across the Philippines, from the government to the private sector

Burt notes that the government has completed its pilot to collect non-biometric information for the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) national ID program.

“Collecting names, ages, and other information ahead of time is expected to reduce the amount of time each person must spend onsite. Members of unbanked households considered to have low income will be prioritized in the registration process, as the government attempts to use the PhilSys to support social protection and financial inclusion efforts, while the Philippines shifts toward a digital economy.”

Burt also reports how private sector finance institutions like Union Bank of the Philippines, Lazada Philippines, Mastercard, and Element are engaging in partnerships to encourage e-commerce and mobile banking across the country.

Live streaming app Kumu, which has millions of users in the Philippines, has partnered with Element to build artificial intelligence and digital identity features for its rapidly-scaling community, according to a company announcement. The features are expected to enhance the platform’s security and enable transactions

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