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Partner Spotlight: Paradigm Initiative’s Vision for Ensuring Good ID and Data Protection in Nigeria

– Omidyar Network

An interview with Adeboye Adegoke about the implications of Nigeria’s national identity system

Adegoke, of Paradigm Initiative, makes recommendations for the country’s Data Protection Bill 2020. These include independent members being on the advisory board, and that it isn't used as a barrier between journalists and critical information of public interest.

“We will advocate against draft legislation/policy that seeks to limit rights, stifle innovation or widen access gaps and we will support those who seek to promote access, rights, and innovation.”

Adegoke says that Paradigm Initiative is committed to digital inclusion, and aims to ensure there is a strong data protection framework in place before the implementation of a national identity system.

Government-issued ID programs in Nigeria have never been inclusive, starting at the point of registration. They’ve amplified gaps between the “haves” and the “have-nots” that corrupt officials can exploit, especially for Nigerians that are not socially or politically connected, and stateless populations

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