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An Outline of How Developers Can Build Public Trust in Contact Tracing Apps

– Codethink

An outline of how developers can build public trust in contact tracing apps

Concerns around contact tracing apps include whether information collected will be safe from data breaches, or that it might be used for another purpose. This article argues that information sharing between developers of different apps can help build apps worthy of public trust.

“Even if there is a lack of consensus about the right approach, developers will almost certainly identify hazards that will be common to all solutions. An open database of these hazards might help everyone to achieve their goals faster.”

The author argues that open source code is a necessity to build trust, as it opens up the app to public scrutiny. He states that independent experts should be able to assess the apps designs in order to analyze their potential risk and effectiveness.

For the contact tracing apps, and for other software where trust is critical and many parallel or competing solutions are developed, sharing information and evidence about hazards and risk mitigation strategies in the public domain could help to make such software safer and more secure

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