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Online ID Verification is Seeing a Spike in Demand Driven by COVID-19

– TechCrunch

How digital identity businesses are responding to the surge in demand for identity verification

The article reports on the demand for patient identity verification, a core requirement in telehealth and telemedicine, which has soared due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Passbase said it’s giving priority integration support and waiving all subscription fees for any company dedicated to helping individuals get through the COVID-19 crisis. “In these unprecedented times, everyone needs to do their part as we battle this ongoing epidemic together. By fast tracking onboarding for these companies we hope we can help some people affected by the Coronavirus, added co-founder and CEO, Mathias Klenk."

There has also been a surge in demand for car rental verification (as a result of people avoiding public transport), online banking and fintech, university exams and working from home, citing the example of ‘end-to-end verification service’, Veriff:

Coronavirus does present new use-cases and needs for remote ID verifications,” founder and CEO Kaarel Kotkas told us. “For example, we have been contacted by universities who are looking for remote examination options, but also large tech companies for account recovery and credentials reset to support remote work

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