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Omidyar Network Unpacks Good ID: An Update to Our Point of View on Digital Identity

– Omidyar Network

Abiah Weaver – director of marketing strategy and communications at Omidyar Network – blogs about the organization’s evolving vision for Good ID

Omidyar Network’s recently updated Point of View on Good ID unpacks the organization’s vision of Good ID – what Good ID is, what behaviors lead to Good ID, and the important roles practice, policy, and technology play in its development.

In this accompanying blog post, Weaver introduces key insights from the Point of View of Good ID paper and highlights the importance of "transparent, accountable, and trust-building practices" and "thoughtful design features in technologies and policies."

She also encourages inputs from the wider Good ID community, asking people to share experiences and opinions with the aim of collectively unlocking the potential of Good ID.

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The original Point of View on Good ID paper can be found here.

We envision the Good ID frame to be inclusive of digital ID (i.e. issued, defacto, and self-asserted) as well as to the entire identification ecosystem (i.e. policies, practices, and technologies). In short, we believe all ID must be Good ID

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