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OCBC Bank Adds Facial Recognition at ATMs in Singapore


A bank in Singapore is allowing customers to access their accounts through facial recognition

By 2022 it is hoped that people will also be able to deposit cash, transfer money, and pay credit card bills using the technology. In order to use it, customers need their unique National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number.

“They will then be prompted to position their face within a frame on the screen, while a specially installed web-enabled camera takes a scan of their face and verifies in real time the scanned image against the national biometric database which OCBC Bank’s ATM network is digitally linked to.”

OCBC bank states that the technology has built-in security features to stop fraud, such as liveness-detection technology that will prevent people from using photos, masks, or videos in attempts to fool the software.

The service makes use of Singapore’s digital identity infrastructure SingPass to authenticate a customer’s scanned face against images stored in the national biometric database

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