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NtechLab Supplies Facial Recognition for Indian Railways, but Privacy Legislation Still Pending

– Biometric Update

Indian railways launch facial recognition project to monitor commuters

Hundreds of video surveillance cameras have been installed in Indian commuter trains. The advanced technology recognises over 50 individuals per frame to adequately surveil India's dense population.

"India is in the midst of tendering contracts for several large-scale facial recognition systems, including one to ensure the legitimacy of academic examinations, and a long-delayed tender for the implementation of an integrated country-wide system dubbed the National Automated Facial Recognition system."

This is just one of 40 projects funded by the Indian government to increase surveillance and facial recognition. Although its aim is to identify criminals and monitor commuters, it is unclear how biometrics and personal data will be used and stored, with fears mounting that it will be abused.

The country’s Personal Data Protection Bill, however, is stalled in parliament, leaving the country without assurances about how biometrics and other data collected will be used

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