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Photo: EyeEm / Yaw Niel

NIN Registration Crucial to Combating Insecurity, says Buhari

– The Guardian (Nigeria)

Nigeria’s president argues the country’s digital ID scheme is crucial for post-COVID economic recovery

President Mohammadu Buhari has said that the roll-out of Nigeria’s National Identification Number (NIN) is vital for the digital economy - one of the big drivers of the country’s recovery, which will also allow the authorities to easily identify criminals.

“He said proper identification of all Nigerians and legal residents in the country and the ability to conveniently access a database will provide an impetus for more effective planning and security oversight.”

Buhuri also states that the ID will allow people to access government services, and will give the state information about where resources can be most effectively distributed.

The minister noted that the NIN Registration had recorded a huge success with 54 million Nigerians already captured in the process, adding, “within six months over 12 million enrolled”

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