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New Digital Credentials Verification Wallet Set to Transform Healthcare

– Verafide

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 18 August 2021

UK-based app to store a range of digital IDs for health workers and patients

This article explores the new app launched by British tech company, Verafide. In the form of a digital wallet, the app can store and verify vaccination status, test results, and identity documents. While companies are able to issue credentials via the app’s portal, the user has full control over their wallet.

"With a multitude of digital wallets and credentials offerings expected to come to market, ensuring interoperability across systems and the ability to integrate into existing infrastructures is more important than ever."

Similarly to the digital evolution of currency, Verafide highlight the role digital credentials will play in the move to normality after the pandemic. As there will be an increase and variety in digital credentials, its app enables users to store digital IDs, credentials, and payments in one place.

We wanted to use our funding and technology not only commercially but also to give something back, to help the UK return to some sort of normality after the pandemic

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