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Mobile Driver’s Licenses Pave the Way for Unified Digital IDs

– Government Technology

Harnessing the potential of mobile driver’s licenses for digital identity

Some American states are now using mobile driver’s licenses, and this article explains how the technology could be utilized for other purposes such as digital ID and accessing government services, as well as how the technology is currently facing problems with acceptance and uptake:

“States are essentially facing a chicken-and-egg problem. People don’t get mobile driver’s licenses because there aren’t many places that accept them, and businesses and public-sector organizations don’t invest in the technology to read and process them because not many people have them.”

But widespread use of this technology could allow for greater levels of convenience as well as massively reducing the risk of fraud. The article also notes that interoperability between states is an important issue that could be solved through establishing a trust framework.

By not solving the identity challenge for digital transformation, the consequences are dramatic

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