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Mitek on How Data Privacy Will Accelerate Digital ID Adoption

– The Fintech Times

Considering the importance of data privacy and security in generating public trust in digital ID

In this viewpoint, the author argues that clear limitations on data sharing are fundamental to accelerating digital ID adoption amongst the public. As such, digital ID must provide only the personal information needed - nothing more - and only to the person or organization that needs it.

"We have the opportunity to create a technology, which means people only need to share the specific data they need at any one time, withholding as much data as they can to get the job done."

The author goes on to note the importance of data security, contending that the risk of data breaches or unwanted access to consumer information is dissuading many users from adopting digital ID.

The story around digital identities needs to change. What they won’t be is a one-stop-shop to access every piece of personal information about you at the touch of a button

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