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Microsoft's Dream of Decentralized IDs Enters the Real World


Microsoft launches public preview of its decentralized digital identification platform after successful pilot

Microsoft has announced it will launch a public preview of its ‘Azure Active Directory verifiable credentials’ in the spring after successfully testing it in Tokyo, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. The concept is based on blockchain technology and is aimed at building a platform that could store verifiable information about official data without holding the actual documents themselves.

"Instead of just storing a scan of your birth certificate, for example, a decentralized ID platform might store a validated token that confirms the information in it. Then when you get carded at a bar or need proof of citizenship, you could share those pre-verified credentials instead of the actual document or data."

The company plans to release an SDK for organizations to begin building applications, and has a long-term goal for the system to be used globally for everything requiring proof of identification - such as opening a bank account, renting an apartment, or establishing an ID for a refugee.

Microsoft will release a software development kit in the coming weeks that organizations can use to start building applications that issue and request credentials

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