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Microsoft Wants a U.S. Privacy Law that Puts the Burden on Tech Companies


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  • 13 August 2019

Microsoft calls for more robust U.S. privacy regulations, CNET reports

CNET reports on the news that Microsoft is calling for new and more robust privacy legislation in the United States.

In May, the company’s corporate vice president and deputy general counsel, Julie Brill, wrote in a company blog that more needs to be done to protect users’ privacy online. There is currently no clear U.S. federal legislation equivalent to the GDPR regulations governing privacy law in Europe, and Microsoft is joining a growing chorus of support for improved national privacy regulation.

The article observes that the burden of data protection generally falls on the user at present, meaning that individuals have to actively "opt out" of data being collected about them. This can be a complicated and difficult process, and data suggests that the vast majority of users do not actively opt out.

Microsoft is calling for legislation that shifts responsibility on to the tech companies, so that they become accountable for users’ privacy online. The company is also calling for stronger enforcement of privacy laws, to ensure greater compliance from companies involved.

Strong federal privacy should not only empower consumers to control their data, it also should place accountability obligations on the companies that collect and use sensitive personal information

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