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MEPs Back EU Facial-Recognition Ban for Police

– EUobserver

Call to ban the processing of biometric data by law enforcement in the European Union

The UN, EU watchdog, and several NGOs have advocated for the ban on law enforcement's use of AI which is seen to exacerbate the risks to human rights. The original EU proposal would allow its use for missing persons, suspect identification, and preventing terrorism.

“Although such uses would be subject to authorization and limited in time and geographic reach, this is widely seen as a loophole for mass surveillance.”

This is the first time the EU parliament has advocated against mass surveillance - however the EU commission and center-right parties believe that the full potential of AI should be used to tackle crime. More widely, there is a resistance growing against the use of biometrics and mass surveillance in public spaces as it is seen as a breach of human rights.

Earlier this year, EU privacy watchdogs teamed up to call for a ban of the use of facial-recognition technologies in public spaces

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