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Mapa da Informação

– The Institute for Technology & Society of Rio

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 27 September 2019

Created by ITS-Rio, this interactive infographic maps out the disparate ID systems and processes that exist in Brazil

Using an interactive infographic format, the Institute for Technology & Society of Rio (ITS-Rio) illustrates the siloed nature of ID systems in Brazil.

The Mapa da Informação represents “personal documents, which are fundamental in the citizen's relationship with the state.” This includes documents from managing bodies and IT companies, from databases, applications, documents, and related services and policies. 

ITS-Rio explains the reasoning behind the map: “In the public sector, the processing of citizen information is often chaotic. We have dozens of systems that don't talk to each other, data is constantly lost, informational silos are misused, and so on.”

The piece goes on to note that it is citizens who bear the consequences of this siloed set of systems and processes: “administrative processes take much longer than they should, need to be repeated for each government agency, and are much more expensive than necessary.''

Brazil needs a map of the most important resource for economic development in the contemporary world: information

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