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A Look Into Clearview Facial Recognition Technology

– BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed.News questions the verity of Clearview's facial recognition technology claims about its work with law enforcement

Clearview AI has stated that it has access to over 3 billion photographs, and has used this to find perpetrators of crimes across the US. This article investigates the role it actually played in solving the crimes.

“It’s a compelling pitch that has helped rocket Clearview to partnerships with police departments across the country. But there’s just one problem: The New York Police Department said that Clearview played no role in the case.”

The article examines the company founders' ties with the far right, and quotes experts who detail that the software’s supposed 98.6% accuracy rate is likely to be misleading.

“There has to be some personal or professional responsibility here,” said Liz O’Sullivan, an artificial intelligence researcher and the technology director at the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project. “The consequences of a false positive is that someone goes to jail”

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