Liberty vs. Covid-19 Vaccine

– Stansberry Research

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 8 January 2021

Jessica Stone and Kim Iskyan of Stansberry Research discuss the future of vaccine passports and immunity passports for COVID-19

Iskyan envisions a not-so-distant future where vaccine passports, similar to those used for international travel, will be required for public activities like air travel, attending sporting events, or visiting stores.

“Now that we have viable vaccines against Covid-19, Stansberry International Editor Kim Iskyan joins Jessica Stone to discuss the controversy around immunity passports and explain a technology solution for proving vaccination records while respecting personal privacy.”

Stone and Iskyan also discuss vaccine hesitancy, skepticism, and potential positioning of vaccines and liberty to encourage voluntary immunization.

There’s an opportunity to market this vaccine right to those people who want liberty - because in many ways vaccines give you that. You have the freedom to move around when you’re vaccinated

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