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In Land of Big Data, China Sets Individual Privacy Rights

– Reuters

A draft bill, part of China’s first civil code, is being deliberated that would protect people’s rights to data privacy for the first time

Under the new law, people’s online data cannot be disclosed or sold without their consent. The internet sector in China is growing quickly, and it’s hoped this will help protect people from leaks and hacks.

“Legal experts say existing Chinese laws do not provide adequate protection for individuals because they don’t impose significant punishment for companies responsible for breaches.”

The article outlines a case in which 42 people sued Amazon for a breach of their data by scammers, but were unsuccessful in court. A plaintiff argued that the court’s decision tells companies they have no obligation to protect their customer’s digital safety.

The legislation will need to be followed by detailed regulation spelling out how those rights will be protected, and this gives no protection from increasingly pervasive surveillance by a government that wields total control over the country’s digital sphere

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