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Kenya’s National Integrated Identity Management System Briefing Paper

– The Open Society Foundations

  • Report
  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 28 October 2019

The Open Society Justice Initiative team share their perspective on Kenya’s National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS), the risks NIIMS poses and the concerns they have about its roll-out

The briefing paper reviews what Kenya’s NIIMS sets out to do, what national identity systems already exists, how NIIMs data collection works, ongoing litigation to challenge its roll-out and the Kenyan Supreme Court’s response as of October 2019.

It also reviews concerns the Open Society Justice Initiative has about the absence of “meaningful data protection and privacy laws” in Kenya, and presents their suggestions for significant government action moving forward.

The Kenyan public has no way to assess the quality or security of the information in the government registries that will be linked to NIIMS

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