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Kenya’s Identity Ecosystem

– Caribou Digital

This report explores Kenya’s identification ecosystem by analysing the main systems currently in use and exploring three of these in-depth: the national ID, Huduma Namba and digital credit

As explained in a blog written by Emrys Schoemaker for Caribou Digital, the report’s sections are designed to be read alongside an online map of Kenya’s identification ecosystem.

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Figure 1: Kenya's Identity Ecosystem. View the interactive map at

The map highlights the intersection of actors and institutions that maintain, govern and use identification systems in Kenya, and how their "overlapping and complementary" interests help define who other players in the space are as well as how they interact with one another in a nuanced way.

Schoemaker, Kirk and Rutenberg also outline how vital the national ID, Huduma Namba and digital credit are to Kenyans’ participation in political and economic life.

Through their analysis of the wider Kenyan ecosystem, the trio recommend development organizations and civil society could do more to use their influence and technical expertise to nudge the Kenyan system in the direction of “Good ID”.

As Kenya’s [identity ecosystem] continues to digitise and ID systems within it become increasingly interdependent, it will be important not to forget the problems and issues that have plagued its journey so far

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