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Jumio Collaborates With Microsoft to Deliver on its Vision of Decentralized Digital Identity

– Business Wire

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  • Posted by Good ID team (Good ID)
  • 22 April 2021

Identity company Jumio is partnering with Microsoft to roll out an identity verification solution

Verifiable credentials mean that organizations can confirm customers' identities without risking their privacy. As the process is decentralized, the user retains control over their personal information such as ID documents. It is therefore crucial that these credentials can be trusted by the company, which this collaboration with Jumio will help ensure.

“Once verified, these credentials can be used to prove an identity across different organizations to accelerate onboarding of users, secure access to apps or enable a more trustworthy credential recovery experience.”

When first using the app, customers scan a government ID and take a selfie, which creates a certificate in their digital wallet. This can then be presented to a third party, allowing them to easily and efficiently verify their identity.

‘Verifiable credentials will revolutionize the way we grant access to information,’ said Sue Bohn, Partner Director Program Management, Identity Division at Microsoft Corp

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