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Jamaican Government Aims to Fast-Track National Identification System to Help with COVID-19 Aid

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  • 17 April 2020

The Jamaican government hopes to create a unique identifier for every citizen to help distribute aid during the pandemic

The system will model itself after existing identity programs such as India’s Aadhaar, which provides each citizen with a unique identifying number as well as using biometric scans. But much like Aadhaar, Jamaica’s proposals have come under fire amid concerns about possible human rights violations.

“Holness addressed the concerns, saying in his press conference that ‘[t]he government is not your enemy; we are here to help and we want to know every single Jamaican.’”

According to the government, its proposed system would benefit workers such as bartenders and taxi drivers who may not be formally integrated into the Jamaican economy.

Holness maintains that the National Identification System will become Jamaican’s main source of identity verification and will streamline and improve the governance of social, economic and security programs

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