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Invasion of Privacy by UK Court: Individual Held To Be “Data Controller"

– CPO Magazine

Smart doorbell found to be an invasion of privacy may change the landscape of smart doorbells

The UK is considering the restriction of smart doorbells following a recent incident when a neighbour complained about the instalment of a smart doorbell, which records audio and image on motion detection, with the court ruling this was a breach of privacy under surveillance laws.

“...a homeowner who had placed an “excessive” amount of smart doorbells around his property was in violation of both the UK Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).”

The extensive amount of cameras led to the individual being deemed by law a ‘data controller’. It is unclear how this ruling will change the landscape of smart doorbells, yet it has already led to system changes allowing users to block out sensitive data and turn off record settings.

Homeowners will need to take into account that the audio recording range usually exceeds the video range with these types of cameras, and may go beyond what the law allows for personal security use

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