Introducing the #GoodID Editorial Board

  • News
  • 4 March 2020

Meet the new team supporting #GoodID

Amazing things can happen when we work together.

That’s why #GoodID is bringing together bright minds and key voices in the identity community to help guide the future of the work.

Announcing the new #GoodID Editorial Board: six pioneering figures, each ready to bring a unique perspective to the #GoodID conversation.

The board is a strategic, editorially independent, guiding panel of individuals from around the world and across the identity sector.

Representing different disciplines, industries, and geographies, their expertise is informing the implementation and progress of digital identity, helping to shape and grow the movement.

Curious to learn more about the new team supporting #GoodID?

Meet the board...

Titi Akinsanmi, Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University

A digital policy expert Titi Akinsanmi is a thought leader on public policy for digital economies with a deep focus on privacy. Titi is a Berkman Klein fellow and currently works for a major international tech company leading policy and government affairs. Follow Titi @titiakinsanmi and Berkman Klein Center @BKCHarvard

Teki Akuetteh Falconer, Africa Digital Rights Hub

Teki Akuetteh Falconer is a privacy and data protection consultant and senior partner at a law firm based in Accra, Ghana that specializes in information technology and telecommunications law in Africa. Teki has previously worked for the Government of Ghana on ICT legislation and is a member of the UN Global Pulse Privacy Advisory Group, the UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy Taskforce on Privacy and Medical Data, and the advisory committee for the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. Follow Teki @Nuerteki and Africa Digital Rights Hub @hub_adr

Tom Fisher, Privacy International

Tom Fisher leads the work on digital identity at Privacy International, a UK-based charity that campaigns against companies and governments who exploit our data and technologies. He has conducted research on topics including identity systems, fintech, and privacy in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Follow Tom @TomSamaki and Privacy International @PrivacyInt

Lisa Garcia, Foundation for Media Alternatives

Lisa Garcia is an expert on women’s rights and information and communications technologies, and Executive Director of the Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA). Based in the Philippines, FMA is an NGO seeking to democratize information and communication systems and resources for citizens and communities. Follow the Foundation for Media Alternatives @FMA_PH

Emma Lindley, Women in Identity

Over the past 16 years, Emma has been advocating and ensuring that systems are developed ethically and with humans in mind. Emma is also co-founder of Women in Identity: a not-for-profit dedicated to ensuring diversity in the identity space. Follow Emma @EmLindley and Women in Identity @womeninID

Ankur Patel, Microsoft

An experienced engineer and product manager at Microsoft, Ankur Patel leads the Growth for Identity program, focussed on data-centric technology and delivering industry-leading identity and access management services. Ankur is currently working across LinkedIn integration and developing Microsoft blockchain solutions. He partners with Microsoft Philanthropies and also participates in ID2020. Follow Ankur @_AnkurPatel and Microsoft @Microsoft